• Diablo 3 Item Value Calculator Tool

         Welcome to the Diablo 3 item value calculator tool. This calculator is designed to estimate the auction house price of any item found in the Diablo 3 game world. To look up items you have two options:
              1: Enter in your Blizzard "BattleTag" into the above fields and press the "Load Items" button. This will allow you to view any item currently equipped by any of your heroes on any server.
              2: Select the server, item type, and item from the above menus and then manually add all the attributes/properties the item has by selecting them from the "Select Attributes" menu.
         The aim of this tool is to estimate prices as accurately as possible, however we need your help to do so. The prices generated are based entirely off of the user feedback received by "calculator calibration". The more feedback we have, the more accurate the calculator will be. So, if you are familiar with auction house prices, we implore you to submit calibration feedback. It only takes a few moments and greatly improves the accuracy of the calculator.